posted Oct.27.16 at 12:01 am

Panel 1: Pretty sweet image of the Demonwolf Uncaged, here. In fact, I think it’s a better and more dynamic rendering of the Blazing-Eyed Devilgoat than any of the shots from the actual story that introduced him.

Panel 3: This flashback’s shocking revelation of the status of Major Havoc’s briefs does seem rather at odds with a secret revealed earlier in Empowered vol. 2. That is, back in the book’s first story, Syndablokk told Emp that “half the capes I know wear low-profile absorbent underwear beneath their tights.” Ah, but perhaps Havoc was not among said aforementioned segment of the caped population, perhaps worrying that covertly rocking “SuperDepends” or the like would spoil the line of his trunks.

Panel 4: Goes without saying that the Caged Demonwolf would use the more intricate and complex spelling and pronunciation “aluminium” rather than the North-American-preferred “aluminum.” After all, would one care to imagine, say, a booming-voiced Brian Blessed letting fly with a flat, prosaic and undeniably North American “aluminum?” Interested to see that the term “aluminum” is, apparently, used in both the US and Canada, so one can full-throatedly endorse this simpler and clearer version of the metal’s appellation without fear of jingoism. After all, how can jingoism possibly be considered to be in play, if our gentle Canadian friends are involved? (But I kid my gentle Canadian friends!)

-Adam Warren