Posted June 4, 2020 at 12:01 am

Panel 1: I recall listening to a long-ago comics podcast reviewing the series in general and this volume in particular, and vividly recall the sputtering male hosts positively getting the vapors over several of this book’s up-close Emp butt shots. Why, they practically had to retire to their fainting couches, sensitive lads that they were! 

Also (1), behold the first appearance (I think) of the alternate Ninjette shorts featuring a mixed-case font instead of the all-caps block letters we’d been seeing before. What can I say, folks? I’d grown weary of the old text, and thought I’d mess around with some lower-case lettering for this stuff.

Also (2), it’s been pointed out to me that Ninjette’s shorts don’t cling (ahem) realistically—they seen more like Emp’s unearthly supersuit than proper clothing. Ninja magic at work, perhaps? I am entirely capable of drawing more realistic butt-clinging wear—see Emp’s Sexy Librarian miniskirt, which is mostly photoreferenced—but fail to see the point in doing so here. See, lovingly rendered “realistic” clinging would be marginally truer to reality, but presumably no less exploitative or titillating or objectifying to those offended by such imagery, so why bother? 

OTOH, it’s entirely possible that I might someday shift over to more realistically depicted shorts regardless, because—and this is only occurring to me now—they would very likely make the g-d butt logo easier to letter! Whoa!

Today’s Patreon update: We’re very likely continuing serialization of the Twitter-format prose experiment I Am Empowered, which tells heretofore untold tales of Emp’s earliest misadventures from her first-person POV.

-Adam Warren

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