Volume 2 Page 143
Posted May.19.17 at 12:01 am

Panel 2: Technically, the perspective drawing in this panel is a tad wonky, but this is deliberately disguised—or at least muddled a fair bit—by two factors: 1) The cropping at the bottom of this panel, which shunts the all-important visual placement of Emp and Ninjette’s precise positioning against the bathtub just off-panel; and 2) a low horizon line, which can disguise all kinds of perspective-drawing flaws. Remember, young creators, the so-called “worm’s eye view,” which places the figurative camera close to floor level, is truly the crafty but time-starved artist’s forgiving friend. Seriously, at low enough camera angles, there’s little perceptible difference between elaborately, scrupulously, laboriously ruled-out perspective and straight-up “eyeballing.” (In fact, this shot isn’t quite low-angled enough to take full advantage of that truism; if anything, it needed more of a worm’s-eye view to better hide the fairly overt wonkiness.)

Panel 4: Ah, here’s one of the earlier hints of just how “asshole-y” (per Emp) that Ninjette’s clan. As we’ll discover at the end of Empowered vol. 3, they are quite clearly very, very asshole-y indeed.

-Adam Warren