Volume 4 Page 65
Posted March 16, 2018 at 12:01 am

Panel 2: And an important new Empowered character arrives on the scene! The “goddamn Maidman” riff is, as print comics readers will recognize, a callback to the (in)famous line from Frank Miller’s 2005 All Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder. (Note,by the way, that I’d forgotten that was the full title of the Jim Lee-drawn series.) As we’ll soon see, the characters share other notable similarities.

Note, by the way, that when I created Maidman, I was completely unaware of the 2004 manga and 2008 anime Kamen no Maid Guy (UPDATE: link fixed!), featuring a superficially similar “brawny fella in a maid outfit.” This ignorance, I gotta say, was and still is a benefit of my general disinterest in anime; manga is very much relevant to both my downtime interests and the work I do, whereas anime I find largely irrelevant, save for occasional exceptions like Puella Magi Madoka Magica or Gurren Lagann. If I’d known about Kamen no Maid Guy, I might not have included Maidman in the series, though I should say that Maid Guy’s Kogarishi and the goddamned Maidman are very, very different characters. (Though, I should note, I never did actually see that series, so I’m basing this opinion solely on its Wikipedia and TV Tropes entries.)

-Adam Warren

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