Volume 4 Page 86
Posted April 16, 2018 at 12:01 am

Not fond of the choice to go almost all “close-up shot” for this page, but what the heck. Then again, pulling the camera too far back might’ve been both literally and emotionally distancing, which wouldn’t have been ideal, either.

Panel 2: Behold, another random recurrence of the cartoonishly “noseless” stylistic flourish previously seen on Emp in this chapter’s title page. True, does seem like a bit of a limitation for a ninja needing the use of all her senses, but obvsly this isn’t a literal depiction of Ninjette. OR IS IT??????

Panel 4: A peculiar throwaway line from this page is the bit about the Ayakami clan’s sedative cocktail actually being patented, which is a concept that does have some interesting implications. Hrmmm.

-Adam Warren

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