Volume 4 Page 87
Posted April 17, 2018 at 12:01 am

Really not fond of Decade-Ago Me’s choice to use only close-up shots for this page, especially after the previous page’s similar shot choice. Should’ve mixed things up more, even if I didn’t have to pull the camera way back, which might’ve been too distancing (as I noted in yesterday's commentary).

Panel 4: The unspoken idea, here, is that Thugboy has picked up some of Emp’s more whimsical neologisms, since he doesn’t seem like the sort of fella to coin the term “bouncebackalicious” (which becomes a chapter title later on in the volume, by the way). Still, think I might’ve been better off omitting this panel’s “aside balloon,” which is pushing the panel's text into the dreaded realm of “overdialoguing.”

Panel 5: Once again, my random yet fateful Empowered vol.2 choice to use an alternate name for YouTube returns to bite me in the butt. (Ouch.) Had to just grit my teeth and stick with the g-d bit, I guess. And once again, as with panel 4, I might've been better served in leaving off Thugboy's second "aside balloon."

-Adam Warren

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