Volume 5 Page 36
Posted November 7, 2018 at 12:01 am

Dagnabbit, the final version of this page featured a bunch of lettering correx that weren't handled on the original-artwork scans I'm using for this week's posts, so I had to go in and fix everything more or less manually. Ughh. Looks like I'll probably have to go back to using screencaps from the Comixology digital comics, which do feature all those final correx done in-house at Dark Horse editorial. I went back to the original scans because they show me incrementally superior grayscale tones when I post these pages, but the difference is so miniscule that I doubt anyone else could spot the difference.

Panel 1: Overdialoguing Alert on this panel, in large part because that second word balloon was added as an anti-nitpicking measure, in case anyone was wondering if the mecha were caught on camera. As a recovering nitpicker myself, I often find myself burning pagecount on time- (or space-)consuming clarifications and explanations, even though Empowered is a fairly allusive series overall. On comic projects with more limited pagecount I usually agonize (much) less over anti-nitpickery, given that I don't have the luxury to indulge such impulses. Might be the better approach, TBH, especially if it leads to less defensive overdialoguing.

-Adam Warren

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