Volume 6 Page 28
Posted July 31, 2019 at 12:01 am

Trying a JPEG saved at slightly higher quality today (460K, as opposed to the usual 260-280K), to see if that makes any perceptible difference across the various platforms this webcomic will be appearing on.

Panel 1: Phallik is referring to a story from way back in Empowered vol. 1, in case you'd forgotten—which would certainly be understandable, given that webcomic readers would've perused that story over 800 pages ago.

Panel 3: Honestly not sure that Phallik's beverage of choice is ideal for his character, but what the heck.

Panel 4: A roaring round of applause, folks, as Emp finally stands up for herself in the face of highly suspicious spear-based buttslapping. Yay, Emp!

-Adam Warren

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