Volume 4 Page 131
Posted Jun.18.18 at 12:01 am

I beg the indulgence of long-time Empowered readers to avoid discussing this page’s various !!!!!SPOILERS!!!!! in the comments section, okay? Please?

Panel 2: This time around, I couldn’t justify using the so-called “profile cheat” with Emp, as she would’ve clearly been facing away from her teammates if I’d shown her in profile, rather than drawing the back of her head as I did here.

Panel 3: Years later, Havoc and Stigmata Hari would hook up in the 2017 miniseries Empowered and the Soldier of Love, the trade paperback compilation of which hits your local (North American) comics store’s shelves on June 27th. Check it out!

Panel 6: Overdialoguing Alert on this panel. Should’ve used less text here, but I felt it necessary to clarify that the Capeys weren’t viewable by the general public, a decision which resulted in a bloated word balloon. (Visually echoing the same size of word balloon as panel 5 would’ve been preferable.)

-Adam Warren