Volume 4 Page 177
Posted August 21, 2018 at 12:01 am

Panel 2: I often used to complain bitterly about excessively small font sizes in modern comics lettering on Twitter, back in those bygone days of halcyon yore when I felt like I had the time to indulge in such ranting. However, gotta say that excessively large lettering can be a problem as well, as big fonts can take up too much g-d space in the panel, as with Thugboy’s rant, here. However, this time around there arguably was a purpose to the oversized lettering, as I was trying to convey that Thugboy was yelling out of frustration.

Panel 3: And that’s it for Mechzacoatl’s active participation in this story, alas. Sorry about that, dude.

Panel 4: Rare example of Thugboy getting his sunglasses knocked off. (Arguably more unlikely that he never loses ’em during his presumably strenuous sex scenes with Emp, but let’s ignore that, shall we?)

-Adam Warren