Volume 1 Page 13
Posted November 13, 2015 at 12:39 am

Behold, children: Panel 1 features possibly the only proper establishing shot in all of the first volume—and even this was added long after the story was initially done, as I thought the shipboard setting seemed a tad unclear. Other than this, we never see full-on exterior long shots of any environment in the book, whether it's the Superhomeys' HQ or the Value Mammoth store or Emp's apartment. In part, this pattern of background avoidance  dates back to the earliest, most cheesecake-intensive era of Empowered, when the fan-service-friendly doctrine of "Every Shot Must Be Hot" ruled the day—and long shots were rarely considered to be “hot” by the fellas making sketch requests. This scarcity of proper establishing shots also happens because, over my years spent working on overplotted stories, I've learned to establish settings by cramming background detail into medium shots and close-ups, as opposed to burning precious pagecount on a leisurely long shot. The sad truth: I don't have the time—and I'm sure as hell not making enough money—to mess around with detailed establishing shots. The situation might well be different if I were working for a handsome mainstream page rate, but alas, I am not.

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