Volume 1 Page 38
Posted November 13, 2015 at 01:54 am

Note that, judging from the wee image in the upper right hand corner of panel 2, our long-suffering heroine does not appear to have garnered the honor of being “Mammoth of the Month.” Oh, well. You could, if you were being excessively generous, consider this to be clever foreshadowing of Empowered vol. 4’s plotline involving Emp’s nomination for the honor of “Superheroine Deserving of Wider Recognition.” (This is, alas, not actually the case.)

Gotta admit that, bizarrely and inexplicably enough, this shot of Emp in the “jorts”-adorned mascot suit is one of my favorite images from the first half of the volume. Cracks me up, for some reason. I’m mildly saddened that the Value Mammoth suit—and the store as a whole—soon makes an exit from Empvese continuity. COULD IT RETURN, ONE DAY? Perhaps it could!

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