Volume 1 Page 51
Posted November 16, 2015 at 01:03 am

Positives on this page? I quite like the background shot of Sistah Spooky crashing in through the window, complete with the strangely eerie view of her eyes as glowing white circles, an effect I never tried again—or, to be honest, even remembered trying in the first place. Spooky, indeed! Negatives on this page? Really not a big fan of the drawing of Emp, which features approaches I no longer favor for my artwork nowadays. In theory, I should be pleased with this development, as it shows that I’m not entirely static and ossified and repetitive in my drawing technique—but, alas, I just find myself annoyed yet again with the failures and sloppiness practiced by Past-Tense Me. (Flawless and advanced Present-Tense Me, of course, would never be victim to any failures or sloppiness.)

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