Volume 1 Page 62
Posted November 16, 2015 at 01:36 am

While I’m occasionally banging on my art-related glitches or outright blunders from a decade or more ago, might as well give Past-Tense Me some props for producing one of the cuter images of our heroine, in panel 1. Also, I should note that Emp had a rather notably flatter belly during early Empowered than she does nowadays, as presently I’m trying to draw her body a bit, uh, softer and fuller, in a belated attempt to differentiate her from the more idealized forms of Spooky or Ninjette. Current-day Emp, I’m afraid, would likely have a more difficult time balancing a wine glass on her rather more convex stomach.

Panel’s 3’s reference to Ashton Kucher and his old Punk’d TV show is, I think, not a pop-culture reference that is aging very gracefully, but I’m loath to go back and replace the line with a more presently relevant reference; down that road lies madness, I feel. Besides, if I started making any changes at all to this decade-old material, I’d soon go overboard with an endless chain of updated corrections and patches. Best to, uh, “Let it Go,” if I might make a marginally more up-to-date callback.

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