Volume 1 Page 66
Posted November 16, 2015 at 01:48 am

For the uninitiated, the bound-and-gagged girl in the background of panels 2 and 4 will, four hundred or so pages from here, be inspired by the moneymaking opportunities inherent to Emp's bondage-prone superheroine status and become the bondage-prone faux superheroine Ocelotina. So, uh, SPOILER ALERT, I guess?

After this volume saw print, I was informed by a kindly member of the BDSM community that I’d completely botched panel 4’s differentiation between hemp and nylon ropes. Turns out that nylon-based ropes are, in fact, much more likely to induce friction burns than hemp-based ropes. The more you know, right? In theory, I should probably have fixed this error, but I  either forgot about it or just didn’t feel like expending the energy. (Empowered’s production process is supposed to be about embracing imperfection, after all.) In any event, my sincerest apologies to the BDSM community for this blunder; just say no to ropeburn, kids.

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