Volume 11 Page 28
Posted September 5, 2023 at 12:01 am

Panel 3 represents a critical point in the production of Empowered vol. 11, dear readers, as midway through this shot I became quite unable to force myself to draw the book any further.

Y'see, folks, unlike many or possibly most creators in my field, I don't inherently enjoy drawing comics as such; producing finished artwork is a necessary part of my job as a writer and artist, but not always a task I feel very much enthusiasm for. (And producing finished artwork is very much the key issue, as I'll address shortly.)

Vol. 11 hadn't yet officially "gone on the schedule" for publishing at this point in time, so I felt free to take a break from the drawing grind. If the book had been scheduled, I would've attempted to continue work on the g-d thing, but I really dunno how swimmingly that effort would've gone. (Not swimmingly at all, I suspect.)

More on this matter in tomorrow's commentary, needless to say!

Today’s Patreon update: Originally done as a means of scratching out more worktime to complete the long-gestating Empowered vol. 12, I've switched over to a Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday Patreon posting schedule that won't feature the fixed content format I previously used. However, my vast archive of years of Patreon posts—extensive Empowered previews, work-in-progress updates on developmental projects such as fantasy comics The Chaste and the Chained and The Last Party, vintage con sketches, work stages on covers, "damsel in distress" commissions, life drawings & much, much more—remains available for Patrons' perusal.

-Adam Warren

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