Volume 11 Page 89
Posted November 29, 2023 at 12:01 am

Panel 1: Belatedly occurs to me that image of the trussed-up Emp at far right getting her "toothsome rump" (per the Caged Demonwolf) lashed is actually a reference to the visualized erotic fanfiction scene read by Emp (to Ninjette) waaaay back in Empowered vol.1; technically, a fanfic scene doesn't really count as a real-world example of Emp getting owned by Spooky.

Panel 2: Note that, under stress, Emp didn't immediately recall that she's now a full-time member of the Superhomeys.

Today’s Patreon update: Originally done as a means of scratching out more worktime to complete the long-gestating Empowered vol. 12, I've switched over to a Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday Patreon posting schedule that won't feature the fixed content format I previously used. So, who knows what today's post might feature? Could be Life Drawing or Distressed Damsels content (both of which are featured at least three times per month), or something in the Work Stages, Vintage Con Sketches or Design departments, or possibly something entirely new, such as updates on fantasy test project The Chaste and the Chained. Golly!

-Adam Warren

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