Volume 2 Page 132
Posted December 6, 2016 at 12:01 am

Pareidolia alert! Pareidolia alert! Pareidolia alert!

I swear, yet again, that I wasn’t deliberately drawing the pattern of lights on the surface of the Demonwolf’s alien cage to resemble a face. Gotta say, though, that I’m now amused to no end that I never noticed, when working on this page, that those lights do indeed coincidentally look like a (presumably bellowing) face. I didn’t spot the accidental resemblance until readers pointed it out later—in fact, I might not have spotted that until it was mentioned online, possibly in the comments of this very webcomic serialization of the series.

Panel 1: In case you’ve somehow managed to forget the Empowered vol. 1 bit establishing the pubic-hair incompatibility of Emp’s supersuit, here’s a link to the scene that first introduced the concept.

Panel 2: Gotta love, with the mentions of Sisyphus and Hercules, the Demonwolf working two separate Greek mythology references into a single sentence. (Pity I didn’t try for three separate mythological callbacks in one line.)

-Adam Warren

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