Volume 2 Page 74
Posted September 15, 2016 at 12:01 am

Panels 1 and 2: Slightly odd storytelling choice to switch the direction in which Sistah Spooky—and Emp’s butt!—are facing between panels. This might have been an attempt to convey the swirling motion of the still-airborne Emp adrift inside the tornadic maelstrom, but if so, can’t say that it was a wildly successful effort.

Amusing side note: A reader of mine who hails from the BDSM community pointed out earlier that the “individual finger” reddening indicated on Emp’s behind would be rather unlikely, as a “closed-hand” approach would, I’m told, be more realistic. Moreover, she further pointed out that only—and I quote directly, here—“a very forceful and very aggressive” single slap on the backside would leave such a distinct and lasting impression on Emp’s flesh, something likely beyond the scope of the skinny-armed future Ocelotina’s theoretically playful slap. (Then again, as a commenter pointed out, she showed unlikely strength in hefting Emp into the car’s trunk with little perceptible effort, so perhaps Treacherous Girl is stronger than she looks.) Wellp, in that case, consider the unrealistic reddening on Emp’s butt in these panels to be a cartoony bit of artistic license.

Panel 3: Not sure why I didn’t revisit the “Inside (X)’s Subconscious” riff after this story, as it seems an amusing concept to use on other characters. Then again, the “Counter-Factual Scenario” approach I used in (much) later Empowered volumes—in which we see a wholly imaginary scene from a given character’s idiosyncratic POV—might arguably be considered to cover similar territory.

Also, I draw your attention to Spooky’s profile shot at left, where a never-fully-resolved issue looms: In such a side view, can we see her nostrils under her mask or not? (Here, “or not” is the decision.) This is a matter I’ve never quite decided on, alas, as sometimes her nostrils are visible in  masked profile, and sometimes they ain’t. Mysterious!

-Adam Warren

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