Volume 2 Page 83
Posted September 28, 2016 at 12:01 am

Note my rare—but reasonably successful, I think—attempt at trying to depict Emp wearing lip gloss, here. This is a rather tough challenge to pull off with the limitations of my pencil-based medium—or, at least, the limitations of my own skill level with the pencil. A true master of the pencil-based medium like, say, Hiroaki Samura (Blade of the Immortal) I ain’t.

Can webcomic readers guess the name of the supervillain at left, the one sporting a lightbulb-shaped headpiece and the lower-case, serifed letter “i” on his costume? I should warn you that this character’s “supranym” isn’t particularly clever or innovative or noteworthy, alas; it’s entirely possible that whatever supervill name you come up with will be an improvement on the actual supranym. You’ll find out shortly, in any case. 

At right, note the unintentionally—no, really!—phallic appearance of the piled-up mass of Protean (aka “Glorpp”). At least, I think this was unintentional, given that the format of these chapter-break illustrations requires that the artwork not touch the sides of the page, hence Protean’s blobbiness being constrained to remain clear of the right-side edge.

This story may, in fact, represent the point at which I decided to roll with an almost constantly shirtless Thugboy, both to add some extra beefcake content to the series and because I had noticed that I have no great skill in drawing dudes wearing T-shirts.

-Adam Warren

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