Volume 3 Page 11
Posted April 5, 2017 at 12:01 am

Panels 1-2: Possible SPOILER ALERT? If I may potentially tip off the reader, note this example of Emp’s “VORPP” powers utterly failing her in a scene involving Ninjette and a forest setting. This particular riff recurs later on in Empowered vol. 3, as long-time readers of the series will recall.

Panel 3: Behold, an almost Rumiko-Takahashi-style “big head, little body” cartoony riff on Emp and Ninjette, here. This was something I used to do a decade ago, a sporadic stylistic flourish that I can’t really fault 2006-Era Me for, as this was the kind of cutesy riff that a series as artistically flexible as Empowered allowed me. (Heaven forfend that I pull such shenanigans in a mainstream art job—not that I do many of those at present. Oh, well.) Nowadays, by contrast, I’m often in danger of going too far in the opposite direction, with Emp’s head looking a tad small for her body at times.

-Adam Warren

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