Volume 3 Page 141
Posted October 4, 2017 at 12:01 am

Panel 1: While I consider myself a decent enough—if admittedly inconsistent—comics letterer, so-called “display lettering” like the text at the bottom left of the panel is definitely not my strong suit. These are times when I wish I was using computer-based fonts rather than laborious—and, tbh, not always stunningly competent!—hand lettering.

Panel 3: This does bring up the question of where the heck the (very) scantily clad Ocelotina keeps her business cards. Also, gotta love the phrase “the O.G. of D.i.D.” As we’ll see in future volumes, Ocelotina really does consider herself to be supportive of Emp, albeit in her own rather twisted fashion.

Panel 5: Any resemblance to my opinions about the American (print) comics field is strictly coincidental, I assure you.

-Adam Warren

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