Volume 3 Page 190
Posted December 11, 2017 at 12:01 am

UPDATE #1: In case anyone's wondering, 2007-Era Me just plain forgot to draw the tourniquets that are supposed to be on Ninjette's forearms; they vanished during this page and the preceding double-page spread, then reappear on our next page, only to then be removed by Emp. That's a continuity error I'd never noticed before, alas. I blame Past Me, that silly, thoughtless oaf. Flawless, srcupulous Present-Day Me would never make such an error, of course. And if I did, I would once again blame (Very Recent) Past Me for the blunder.

UPDATE #2: Still working on the "toss me a few shekels" option. A recent PayPal incident showed me that I need to set up a separate account just for this purpose, but a sudden work crisis has prevented me from getting this stuff a-rolling.

Panel 2: Yeahp, another reappearance of my 2007-era stylistic flourish of sporadically drawing Ninjette with a cartoonishly large head, presumably just because that looked cute to me. (I guess.) Kinda goofy, but as far as my old artistic idiosyncrasies go, I certainly prefer this to the much more troublesome Mysteriously Intermittent Post-Millennial Torso Glitch.

Panel 3: Yeesh, those “wings” were a poor—or, at least, ill-thought-out—design choice. For all the spontaneity and flexibility that the Empowered format offered me back then, Past Me’s lack of preliminary design work came back to bite Later Me in the butt. (I do, in fact, work up more finished character and environmental designs for modern Empowered stories.)

-Adam Warren

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