Volume 3 Page 200
Posted December 22, 2017 at 12:01 am

Behold, the back cover of the now-completed (er, in terms of web serialization) Empowered vol. 3!

I’ve seriously considered posting each volume’s back cover at the beginning of its webcomic serialization, instead of at the end as I did here. This would, after all, convey the experience of looking at the volume in the bookstore (or wherever), where you would presumably read the back cover before buying the book. Then again, the back-cover text is a bit SPOILER-y, isn’t it? (Even more so than usual for the back-cover text of the upcoming Empowered vol. 4.)

Tragically, this back-cover illo represents a story I had to cut from the volume, a sexually charged tale of Emp and Thugboy engaging in mutually partner-pleasing cosplay. In a remarkably poor decision on my part, I ditched that still-unfinished story in a desperate bid to meet the book’s looming deadline. Alas, you’ll have to wait until vol.5 to read “When Titans Fornicate!”

Next week, onward to Empowered vol. 4!

-Adam Warren

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