Volume 3 Page 48
Posted May 26, 2017 at 12:01 am

Does this dude’s outfit look familiar? Well, it might, if you recall the Empowered vol. 2 story “Dire Peril,” midway through which Ninjette dressed up in Emp’s supersuit—complete with fake boobs and everything—and beat up a roomful of hapless minions in an ill-planned attempt to garner Emp more respect. Well, a volume or so later, we’re checking up on one of the brutalized goons whom Ninjette preyed on, as the poor sap deals with the dental aftermath of her rampage.

Panel 3: Gotta admit that I always preferred the spelling “whaled” instead of “wailed” for the old slang term meaning “beat up on” or “hit/ struck,” a phrase I’ve been hearing off and on since my 70s-era childhood. But since I get the impression that more people seem to be familiar with the “wailed” spelling, I rolled with that spelling, despite my misgivings.

-Adam Warren

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