Volume 4 Page 127
Posted June 12, 2018 at 12:01 am

Panel 2: A commendable example of a a conventional long shot establishing the scene’s setting—and scale, relative to the wee figures of Spooky and Emp—quite nicely. Also, Emp is, as you might recall, referring to this scene from earlier on in this volume.

Panel 3: Yeahp, Spooky is punching up the words “senior member” in a frankly snotty manner, just to emphasize her higher status. Pretty g-d petty, but then again, perhaps she’s getting in one last jab before she elects to show Emp some mercy—well, as Spooky sees it, at least.

Panels 4-5: Here, a rare example of the “same shot repeats in subsequent panels, but with slight changes” narrative approach, one that I normally eschew because I tend to find it boring and repetitive to draw.

Panel 5: What does Spooky mean by this? Let’s find out tomorrow, folks! Or find out a second or two from now, if you’re binging your way through this scene in the weeks or months or even years to come. (Though I sincerely doubt you’d be reading these commentaries, in that case.) Hey, thanks for reading Empowered, person from the future! Do you have jetpacks or flying cars yet?

-Adam Warren

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