Volume 4 Page 194
Posted September 13, 2018 at 12:01 am

An odd side note: I’m consulting an old copy of Empowered vol. 4 to write these commentaries, and felt I should mention that, almost every g-d time I pick up the book, it opens up to an earlier page featuring a very distinctive and eyecatching shot of Bedroom Emp waving her butt at Thugboy. Honestly, this seems almost as if the book itself is trying to whimsically mock me for my pretensions but ehh, go screw, vol. 4; in two more weeks or so, I’ll be done with this installment’s commentaries, and (probably) never open your pages again. 

Panel 3: A slightly ambiguous note throughout the series is just how much Ninjette figures out about Thugboy’s shady background. (The ninja were theoretically supposed to be more about insightful intel-gathering than violent badassery, after all.) She’s clearly deduced something about Thugboy in this brief sequence, in any event.

-Adam Warren

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