Volume 4 Page 30
Posted January 26, 2018 at 12:01 am

Panel 1: I do quite like this panel’s “montage” approach of inserting close-ups of Ninjette and Emp into the main panel, rather than using a separate panel for said close-ups. Only problem, here, is that I think the right-side close-up of Emp would’ve been better with her gesturing hand added to the shot. Note that her rather oddly flowing blonde locks were added probably because I didn’t feel like putting the effort into constructing the rest of Emp’s upper torso, which would’ve required working out her figure on a separate sheet of paper beforehand. 

The word balloon tails in panels 2 and 3 really aren’t all that excessively long, but they’re still unnecessarily so to my contemporary eye; nowadays, I tend to use very short, truncated balloon tails in contexts like this, where there’s no possible confusion as to who might be speaking the dialogue.

-Adam Warren

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