Volume 4 Page 57
Posted March 6, 2018 at 12:01 am

Panel 2: Enjoy a rare view of Emp’s supersuit fully intact! Needless to say, this state will not last very long. Er, SPOILER ALERT? As I’ve said before, nowadays I almost never draw the suit undamaged, as in that condition, A) it’s visually boring and B) rendering it is very, very hard on my often-ailing drawing hand. 

However, I might someday be tempted to draw a few brief—and I did say briefEmpowered scenes featuring the fully intact hypermembrane, based on some recent-ish reference studies. See, as part of my life-drawing kick that’s been going on since late 2016, I’ve occasionally been drawing sketches based on photos of the only real-world source that would approximate Emp’s supersuit: models slathered down with chrome body paint.

These sketches have been interesting, but wind up almost insanely complicated, due to how complexly the painted body reflects the environment around it. Come to think of it, trying to to find shiny black body paint might work better, as that could cut down on the details a bit.

Panel 5: What’s in blue blazes is going on? And what the heck does the old-school exclamation “blue blazes” refer to, anyway? Find out tomorrow, folks! (Er, not about the “blue blazes” thing, though; that, you can look up online on your own.)

-Adam Warren

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