Volume 4 Pages 2-3
Posted December 26, 2017 at 12:01 am

Whoops, almost forgot that I started doing a montage-y split-up version of the title spread with the previous volume.

As usual with these volume-starting title-spread illos, Emp is sprawled amongst items tying in to key moments in the stories that will follow. Amazingly enough, though, her state of near-nudity in this shot is itself a key plot point, believe it or not. No, really!

If I recall correctly, when I long ago posted this illo on deviantART, immediately some cheeky fellow sneered, “Hiding the feet, like a typical comics artist.” This comment did genuinely annoy me, because damn near every other g-d title spread in Empowered does, in fact, show Emp’s g-d feet. Don’t get me started about non-artists whinging about “hiding the feet,” either, especially on cover illustrations; that’s yet another one of my many comics-related bêtes noires I’ll have to rant about someday.

Yeah, I still have a deviantART account, though I only occasionally post there currently. (I’m more about Instagram and Twitter for image posting, nowadays.) Still, I do have a sprawling g-d gallery of pieces lurking there if you wanna take a look, with plenty of Empowered material on display, often in early states of development.

-Adam Warren

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