Volume 5 Page 101
Posted February 6, 2019 at 12:01 am

Panel 2: In case you’d forgotten this bit recounted by Emp in a tearful monologue at the end of Empowered vol. 2, her father died of an aneurysm in front of her.

Panel 7: Ehh, not fond of this panel locking Emp down to a specific age. In the previous vol. 2 monologue I just mentioned, she mentions being ten years old, so this panel’s “thirteen years ago” strongly implies that she’s currently 23 years old. I’d long assumed she became a superhero a year or three after graduating college, but would prefer to keep her age range ambiguous. (In fact, I just wrote a bit in Empowered vol. 11 that hints at her being roughly 25 or so; oh, well.)

-Adam Warren

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