Volume 5 Page 108
Posted February 15, 2019 at 12:01 am

Panel 1: Pretty good shot of Ocelotina, here, gotta say.

Panel 2: Ehh, the whole “webcast interview” thing was kinda vague and hand-wavy at the time. (Cue the “shrugging with upturned hands” emoji.) As we’ll see later on, I find it unlikely that this episode would’ve been available as a mere “interview” on her website, anyway. Exclusive content ahoy!

Panel 3: Oops! Straight-up forgot to draw those goofy little cat’s eyes on Ocelotina’s cleavage. Such are the perils of drawing a detail-intensive character design, alas. (I get real tired of drawing those g-d cat-logo bows on her stockings, as it turns out.)

-Adam Warren

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