Volume 5 Page 173
Posted May 17, 2019 at 12:01 am

Panel 1: Note that the visual riff of Big Pouty Lips Emp comes and goes from panel to panel, due to the fact that said Soupcoolers Grande (Grandes?) don’t lend themselves particular well to shifts of facial expression. Hence:

Panel 1 lips? Big ’n’ pouty!

Panels 3 & 4 lips? Thin ’n’ (marginally more) cartoony!

Panel 5 lips? Big ’n’ pouty again!

Panel 5: Perhaps the fact that Emp is now cavorting hither and yon in outer space might explain why her hair suddenly grew anomalously long in this panel. (Just kidding, that doesn’t explain anything; Emp’s superlong hair is just a random stylistic flourish meant to emphasize her drifting locks.)

-Adam Warren

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