Volume 5 Page 187
Posted June 6, 2019 at 12:01 am

Panel 1: Oddly fond of this image of Emp landing on the Homeycrib deck, though it does highlight a tricky question about depictions of action involving characters with long hair like this: Namely, do you show her hair still streaming “up” behind her as she plummets, or do you instead show the moment a fraction of a second later, when her hair “falls” and swirls downward around her? Here, I chose the latter approach, but that’s not always the way you’d necessarily want to go.

Panels 6-7: Note that we first saw Sistah Spooky’s colorful and “FWIPP-y” teleportation riff in a scene way back in Empowered vol.4. 

Panel 7: Just now noticed that this panel revisits the shot from panel 2, this time with Spooky magically popping away in the background.

-Adam Warren

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