Volume 5 Page 19
Posted October 15, 2018 at 12:01 am

Panel 3: Gotta say, I’m mildly surprised by how uncharacteristically naked Emp’s leg looks with no supersuit material at all on her thigh. I mean, she always retains a few tatters of hypermembrane on her upper legs.Then again, I recall a decade-ago piece of Emp fan art that appeared almost shockingly nekkid because the artist showed Emp with bare feet, which is something we almost never see throughout the entire series.

Also, man am I sick of those circular signs reading “Lotus Node” and “This portal licensed to the SuperHomeys,” which perpetually complicate drawing the otherwise easily rendered portals. I eventually ditched the “portal license” sign; someday I’ll do the same to the annoying “Lotus Nodes” lettering, believe me. (Down the road, I plan to mention a firmware or sortware update to the system that will not only ditch the signage, but revert to the simpler, actually flower-resembling set of “petals” on the gates’ circular edges, as seen here.) Up-to-date readers will note that when I introduced a new portal system in Empowered vol. 10, I was finally smart enough not to put any g-d signage on the g-d gates.

-Adam Warren

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