Volume 5 Page 21
Posted October 17, 2018 at 12:01 am

Panel 1: As mentioned before, I’ve now joined the handful—or footful?—of commenters displeased by Emp’s cartoonishly truncated feet. However, that’s not because the riff is supposedly “unrealistic,” as that’s a wholly irrelevant criticism as far as I’m concerned; the point is that her too-short feet represent an excessively stylistic flourish that just doesn’t work for me nowadays.

Panel 2: I based this scene’s backgrounds on images from Full Moon, the great book of Apollo-program photography, but can’t claim that the backdrops worked out even remotely as well as I would’ve liked.

Panel 3: A throwback shot of Emp featuring the incrementally less common visual riff of “dem ol’ Big Pouty Lips.” Enjoy?

-Adam Warren

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