Volume 5 Page 28
Posted October 26, 2018 at 12:01 am

Panel 2: As we'll see later on, Mindf**k isn't wearing a superhero costume as such, but rather part of a spacesuit, or a "mechanical counterpressure suit" per Wikipedia. Back in the 90s, I first read about such suits in Marshall Savage's book The Millennial Project, which was a big influence on my later Dirty Pair books and Titans: Scissors, Paper, Stone in particular. The gloves are dangling from her wrists because, presumably, she finds 'em tiresome to wear inside a pressurized environment.

Overdialoguing Alert on this sequence, gotta say. I definitely could've trimmed down a few lines in the first few panels to lessen the text assault; however, IIRC, I might've been trying to convey that Mindf**k gets very few opportunities to "talk" to anyone, and is yammering almost uncontrollably upon discovering a friendly audience. (We'll learn a whole lot more about her loneliness and isolation in an upcoming flashback story, believe me.)

-Adam Warren 

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