Volume 5 Page 31
Posted October 31, 2018 at 12:01 am

Ladies and gentleman, behold a familiar page of artwork, but this time with a different set of word balloons. As I said when this art first appeared, I knew full well I was gonna reuse this painstakingly hand-drawn "progressive zoom-in" page many times in the future, which is why I originally drew it without any text. In fact, you'll see these very same three panels in another Empowered vol. 5 story!

Panel 3: As I mentioned last week, I'm using the book's original page scans for a bit, which here boast the interesting novelty of a different story title, as I don't normally don't finalize those until later on. So, the early, working title of "Denial at Flood Stage" was, in fact, "Respect and Reverence and Recognition," per the Demonwolf's line here. So, did Emp garner those "three Rs," folks? Find out tomorrow!

-Adam Warren

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