Volume 5 Page 52
Posted November 29, 2018 at 12:01 am

Panel 2: Readers might recall that Ninjette has previously displayed fairly impressive disguise skills.

Howeva, camouflaging oneself as a fairly similar young woman with different hair and a larger rack—and a mask!—as seen in vol. 2 seems a pretty minor task compared to pulling off the disguise of a relatively towering NBA player. (And, presumably, this magical ninjutsu disguise skill works on camera, or announcers and/or viewers might’ve noticed that Sasha seemed unusually short that night.) I should add that, in a story later in the volume, we'll learn that Kozue Kaburagi can pull off even more amazing and improbable—and even rather gamy!acts of impersonation.

Also, behold a rare Ninjette appearance of what I believe I might have called “gumdrop hips” earlier in the series; nowadays, and most of the time in the past, I preferred more strongly defined hipbones—well, iliac crests, at least—on her and Emp, as opposed to the kinda “blobby” curves tracing down the torso as seen here. Oh, well.

-Adam Warren

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