Volume 5 Page 62
Posted December 13, 2018 at 12:01 am

Yeahp, this “suiting up” scene miiiight just be a reference to the famous montage of Colonel John Matrix* gearing up for the final battle in Schwarzenegger’s Commando.

BTW, aficionados of said 80s action classic will note that, despite the seeming excess of the s-load of hardware he’s hauling, ol’ Matrix uses up every last bit of that gear in the course of the finale. In fact, he runs out of weaponry before too long, leading to the improvised mayhem of the immortal “groundskeeping-shed slaughter” scene. As it turns out, he didn’t being enough killin' gear after all!

-Adam Warren

*What a pity that Commando’s continuity never crossed over with l’oeuvre des Wachowskis, leaving us bereft of the wonder of seeing Col. John Matrix inside the Matrix.

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