Volume 5 Page 82
Posted January 10, 2019 at 12:01 am

And yeahp, we’re repeating page 74’s scene here, but this time with Spooky doing the explaining about Mindf**k, in place of the never-named “Kirby Helmet Chick.”  Narrative mirroring and echoing ahoy! A cheap but effective storytelling trick, IMHO.

And that’s it for the episode “I Know How Much You Love Blondes,” folks. Hope you liked reading it as much as I like writing it! Next time, we kick off he story “Outrageously Erroneous,” which hinges on Emp’s part-time job effectively cosplaying as herself. Shenanigans—and crappy attempts at Southern accents!—will abound, needless to say.

-Adam Warren

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