Volume 5 Page 89
Posted January 21, 2019 at 12:01 am

Panel 1: “Outrageously erroneous.” (Er, I mean, “outrageousLAH erroneous.”) And there’s our story’s title, folks; as usual, derived from a random line of dialogue that caught my eye during the episode’s production.

Panel 2: Well, yes, of course Fake Emp would have to weigh in on faux-dWARf! referring to Real Emp as a “fatass” in the previous page.

Panel 4: What in tarnation’s going on, here? And what is “tarnation,” really? Wellp, turns out that it’s a euphemism for “damnation,” as you might expect. However, when looking the definition up (to stretch this commentary a bit further), I was amused to discover that “tarnation” is associated with “tarnal,” a slang version of the word “eternal.” I’d love to work that term into conversation, save for the inconvenience that I rarely use the word “eternal” in the first place. (Methinks the cashiers at the grocery store might look askance at me if I tried to trot “eternal” out during our already awkward social interactions.)

Hey, but imagine if you will, Jack Kirby’s The Tarnals! Let’s face it, an Appalachian iteration of The New Gods would be pretty awesome.

-Adam Warren

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