Volume 6 Page 156
Posted January 24, 2020 at 12:01 am

Panel 1: I’ve never done a comparative height chart for the Empowered cast, but I do know that F**king Oyuki-Chan is supposed to be the tallest woman among the main characters. (Though, in theory, Spooky in heels would be just as tall, but I always forget that the g-d platform shoes should leave her towering over the other women.) Nonetheless, in this shot even Oyuki is sporting the cartoonish “popsicle head” riff that makes her seem notably more petite than would be strictly accurate.

Panel 2: TBH, probably could’ve ditched this panel’s reference to the ninja gear she provided to Ninjette at the end of her previous appearance in Empowered vol.5, but I wanted to keep the concept at least semi-fresh in readers minds before said “ninjaquipment” plays a key role in upcoming stories.

Next week, brace for a sudden time jump—of two minutes’ length, admittedly—before we learn of dastardly doings afoot!

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-Adam Warren

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