Volume 6 Page 158
Posted January 28, 2020 at 12:01 am

Panel 2: Honestly, Emp really should be doing a great deal more rescue work along these lines, especially given how disaster-prone her unnamed city seems to be. Ah, but depicting such work would involve drawing plenty of urban-environment elements, which doesn’t really appeal to me as an artist who intensely dislikes rendering city settings.

Panel 5: In case you’d somehow forgotten this obscure reference from 47 pages ago, the Superdead mentioned that Deathmonger had managed to acquire “gaseous-form teleporter in a spray can” by somehow hoovering up the still-superpowered vapor of slain heroine Ubiquitease. 

Today’s Patreon update: Today’s post is slotted to be a sketch-cover piece of Valiant’s Bloodshot that I drew for the fine folks at Hero Initiative, a charity which helps out comics creators in need—which has included a rather distressing number of friends and acquaintances of mine, in fact. (Yikes.)

-Adam Warren

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