Volume 6 Page 176
Posted February 21, 2020 at 12:01 am

Panel 1: Enjoy the final appearance of Ninjette’s straight-bladed, rectangular-tsuba ninja sword, folks. After this, I abandoned that 80s-classic imagery in favor of a more conventional-looking katana in the upcoming ninja-fest of Empowered vol. 7.

Panel 3: As one of the ladies on the old, long-defunct Empowered Top-Secret (BCC) E-Mailing List snarked re: this, ah, rear-view image of Ninjette, “The worst part about her getting glued up like this is that she won’t be able to dig those shorts’ obvious wedgie out of her butt crack.” Yeah, yeah, whateva, sister. In theory, Ninjette’s shorts arguably should fit more like the skin-tight, stretchy microskirt of Sexy Librarian Emp, but while that would indeed be a skosh more—-ahem—“realistic,” I fail to see how that imagery would be any less titillating or outrageous. (Oh, well.) 

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-Adam Warren

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