Volume 6 Page 198
Posted March 24, 2020 at 12:01 am

Lot of allusive “time jumps” in this page’s storytelling; hope that won’t be a problem! Gotta say, I raised an eyebrow at the notable increase in nitpicking and second-guessing in the comments during the last few weeks of climactic action. Remember, folks, that I don’t have an unlimited amount of pagecount during the story’s climax to carefully preempt and counter every possible objection or quibble regarding the events rapidly unfolding; you’re just gonna have to roll with a fair degree of necessary allusion and vagueness in high-speed action scenes—and elsewhere in the series, for that matter. (In fact, I arguably burned too much pagecount in Empowered vol.11 on a certain rather chatty character deploying what can only be described as “anti-nitpicking exposition” throughout the volume’s otherwise nonstop mayhem.)

 Panel 7: Poor Tommy Tokamak’s heating up, big time—or melting down, perhaps! (Well, not really.) In any event, disaster is nigh, as you’ll hopefully recall

Today’s Patreon update: Not sure what’s up today, folks, as this is an open slot during the week, but rest assured that something will be posted. Unlike most Patreons out there, I’m committed to every-weekday posts for the time being; I’ve kept the everyday schedule for over a year now, and don’t intend to stop anytime soon. 

-Adam Warren

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