Volume 6 Page 49
Posted August 28, 2019 at 12:01 am

To be honest—or TBH, which I must again note sounds like an unsuccessful attempt at sound FX—this chapter might well be titled “Of Excessive Talkiness,” as it delivers a heavy dose of the dreaded Overdialoguing Alert.  The previous episode featured an exemplary balance of action and dialogue, but I must warn you that this one tilts very strongly in the latter direction.

Only now occurs to me that depicting the specter—or perhaps spectre, if you prefer—of Death so soon after debuting the skull-masked Deathmonger wasn’t an entirely great idea.  Oh, well.  Still, gotta give Decade-Ago Me props for the character drawings on this page, which have held up pretty well overall—though I’m not all that thrilled with Ninjette’s beer-bottle “sucker mouth” visual riff.  Oh, well, again.

-Adam Warren

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