Volume 6 Page 80
Posted October 10, 2019 at 12:01 am

We hadn’t previously seen too many supervillains actually recording their captures of Emp, but apparently a fair number of them have done so, judging by this HeroNet footage. Then again, that’s not unreasonable, given the continued proliferation of smartphone cameras in the decade or so since I wrote this scene. (Not sure if I had yet knuckled under and bought such a phone by this point, as that would’ve happened in 2011 or so.)

Panel 3’s image miiiight just be an oblique reference to an old Spider-Woman scene I’ve mentioned previously. Higher-tier Patreon backers have seen an unpublished Empowered story fragment that’s an even more direct reference, as I was once commissioned to do my own take on this mildly infamous sequence. 

-Adam Warren

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