Volume 6 Page 90
Posted October 24, 2019 at 12:01 am

In an innocuous bit of serendipity, as I looked down at this fanciful image of a giant and overstuffed FedEx envelope, Kurt Warner used the phrase “pushing the envelope” on the NFL radio broadcast I’m listening to as I write these commentaries. Or, perhaps, as The Police put it back when i was in high school, “Synchronicity!”

Of the five new characters at least partially visible in this shot, I’d say that webcomic readers might—miiiight—be able to guess the supranym of the fellow with the U on his helmet. The others, no way will folks be able to stumble across their superhero names, though perhaps I am mistaken. Ah, but rest assured that, for once, you will learn the supranyms of all these new cast additions from the start.

-Adam Warren

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