Volume 7 Page 125
Posted September 16, 2020 at 12:01 am

No, Emp-disguised Ninjette!

Panel 1: Note the ninja scroll leaning up against Ninjette’s bag o’ ninja stuff, as such scrolls will make an important appearance in our narrative shortly. Semi-related side note: Gotta say that I was no big fan of the anime Ninja Scroll, as almost all examples of director Yoshiaki’s Kawajiri’s widely acclaimed oeuvre seem to leave me cold.

Panel 6: Disguised-ninja sex definitely must be energetic, judging by the rare appearance of speed lines(!) during a sex scene.

Today’s Patreon update: As it’s a Wednesday, time for the $5+ Patron tiers to get their weekly dose of commissioned damsel-in-distress content, along the lines of the same material was eventually reworked into Empowered. (No idea what as to exactly that might be at this time, though; these commentaries are written much further out from posting than are my often last-minute Patreon updates.)

-Adam Warren

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